UNO- that’s Spanish for useless

I know, your parents didn’t give you enough attention as a child, so you use possessions to force fleeting glimpses of admiration from unassuming strangers in an atypical attempt to fill (if even for a microcosmic second) that void with something you call pride but we call pretentiousness.  In other words, you’re a rich prick.

Built by the 18 year old Ben J. Poss Gulak, the Uno is an electric vehicle that uses two microgyro-motors; one for turning and one for forward and backward movement.  You might remember the microgyro-motor technology from Dean Kamen’s Segway.  I’m a fan of Kamen because he’s from my home state and has the same birth day as myself; two excellent reasons to like someone.  Ben on the other hand named his two wheeled invention the “Uno”- nice job dumb ass, why didn’t you just call it the “tripod” or the “I’m a total douche bag”.

We’re just kidding Ben, we look forward to seeing what else you have in store for the future.

Ben designed the 120-lb electric vehicle himself, using Google SketchUp because he couldn’t afford professional software.  He did get some advice about motorbikes and gyro robotics from leading experts, but it’s still pretty crazy; he’s only 18!

The Uno runs for about 2.5 hours on its fully charged eco-friendly electric propulsion motor.  Other than the handle bars and start button, the bike has no controls, all movements are accomplished by leaning.

It will be interesting to see if this ever catches on, or if it’s destine to share the same fate as the one wheeled car.