Stream Full Length Movies using this Free App

If you had been looking for a full-length online movie streaming app, then ShowBox got you covered. This movie app lists the full movie directories on their servers and a user can watch these movies directly on their Android devices, iPhones and iPads through internet streaming. The primary criteria for a movie to be eligible for uploading on this website is that the length has to be longer than 20 minutes of the video file. A user can search movies using different prerequisites like language, genre, trending, categories, device-oriented searching etc. Basically, it acts like a movie search engine for YouTube with advanced features for searching movie files with user-defined criteria.


Supported Devices

Any Android device would support the ShowBox APK, however, it is recommended to have Android 4.1 or above for the smooth running of this app. Also, a device with a display bigger than 5 inches would offer the best movie watching experience.

Any Apple device that runs iOS is capable of running the MovieTube app. However, Apple iPhone 4 and above devices are suggested for smooth streaming, the older generations of iPhones might have issues with smooth streaming due to backdated technology.

What does ShowBox do?

It mostly acts as a medium to search the movies on YouTube and bring to a viewer. For this specific reason, it’s imperative that the movies are hosted on YouTube by at least someone in the first place. In reality, there are YouTubers who would upload movies to their accounts for free watching, and ShowBox App picks those videos up through extensive searching. The app has a database of movie directory which is used to acquire the link of a movie the app user is looking for.

Interface and Usability

Launching the Showbox app brings a list of movie suggestions the app user can watch. The interface allows for scrolling down to find more movie suggestions, also the search bar may be used to find movies manually. There are few options for changing the settings and preference, for example, the app user can define the specific genre of movies they love to watch and would only bring suggestions from the specified genres.

Apart from the assortment of movies, there are useful features like language selection. Users can define the movie category by tapping on the bottom menu bar. Few available genres are action, comedy, crime, animations, drama, documentaries etc.

Pros and Cons

Like every app in the App Store, ShowBox and Movie Box comes with its own set of pros and cons.


  • The layout is very easy, simple and intuitive.
  • There are plenty of free movies, however, the latest ones would take the time to show up here.
  • A number of language options – 32.
  • Movie list updated daily.


  • The search might show results inappropriate for all audiences.


Showbox APK offers great flexibility for anyone who wants to stream full-length movies to their handheld smart devices, but can’t afford much time for precise searching.

UNO- that’s Spanish for useless

I know, your parents didn’t give you enough attention as a child, so you use possessions to force fleeting glimpses of admiration from unassuming strangers in an atypical attempt to fill (if even for a microcosmic second) that void with something you call pride but we call pretentiousness.  In other words, you’re a rich prick.

Built by the 18 year old Ben J. Poss Gulak, the Uno is an electric vehicle that uses two microgyro-motors; one for turning and one for forward and backward movement.  You might remember the microgyro-motor technology from Dean Kamen’s Segway.  I’m a fan of Kamen because he’s from my home state and has the same birth day as myself; two excellent reasons to like someone.  Ben on the other hand named his two wheeled invention the “Uno”- nice job dumb ass, why didn’t you just call it the “tripod” or the “I’m a total douche bag”.

We’re just kidding Ben, we look forward to seeing what else you have in store for the future.

Ben designed the 120-lb electric vehicle himself, using Google SketchUp because he couldn’t afford professional software.  He did get some advice about motorbikes and gyro robotics from leading experts, but it’s still pretty crazy; he’s only 18!

The Uno runs for about 2.5 hours on its fully charged eco-friendly electric propulsion motor.  Other than the handle bars and start button, the bike has no controls, all movements are accomplished by leaning.

It will be interesting to see if this ever catches on, or if it’s destine to share the same fate as the one wheeled car.